Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Philosopher's Coat: Beginnings


To start off, I should probably admit that I'm not using the Philosopher's Wool for this project. My LYS has a wonderful selection of Cascade 220 wool, so I've decided to use that. Here is the list of colors I will be using. In Cascade 220: 8885, 8267, 4148C, 7920, and 8393. In Cascade Heathers, I am using 9332, 9491, 9338, 9450, and 2431. Finally, in Cascade Lana D'oro I am using 1060. I plan on buying the yarn as I can afford it, and right now only have 5 balls of yarn. I am using a size F hook.


Last night I started on one of the sleeves. I never knew you could crochet left-to-right! The 'knurl' or 'corded reverse single crochet' is an interesting stitch worked backwards. It's hard to explain. My book, The Encyclopedia of Crochet by Donna Kooler, has a description of the stitch in the back..."Do not turn. Sc in last stitch of row 1, sc in 2nd to last st of row 1...." I found the description a little less than helpful. After twisting my hand awkwardly and stabbing the hook in various parts of the stitch, I finally managed something that looked right. Now after doing five rows of this 'knurl' stitch, I think I've managed to get it right. Well, it looks like the picture, at least.

The 'knurl' stitch seems to be used mostly for edging, but this pattern is using it as a decorative twisted bump. I'm doing it only in the front loop of the stitches, leaving the back loop open so I can stitch across the back and do another row of knurl on top.

I seem to be crocheting a little tight...my hand hurt after a few rows of the 'knurl' stitch. I guess I'm still getting used to the stitch.

I'm still excited for this pattern, though a little wary of the next stitch - a cable. I've never tried cabling before. Should be interesting!


Fat Chick said...

Where did you get the pattern? I love the colors!

Not a Knitter said...

I found the pattern in "The Crochet Encyclopedia" which is a great book to get if you are a crocheter. I picked the colors myself.