Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happiness in Crochetland

I don't hang out on the crochet forums on Ravelry very often, though I've joined a few of them, including the Crochet Liberation Front. As you probably know from my blog name, I'm very into the "CROCHETERS UNITE" sort of thing, which makes groups like these pretty awesome in my mind. (I love knitters, don't get me wrong, but the yarn world is pretty focused on knitters rather than crochets...LYSes should be friendlier to crocheters...we use up more yarn! XD)

Well, today I got a message from one of the mods of the CLF on Ravelry saying that I'd won a sort-of award...Set My Picot Free. I think it's for crochet projects that are different. Well, they linked me to this blog post, and I was excited to see that they were talking about my snood! Hee. Well, I don't really "get" anything, but it's neat to see my stuff mentioned places! :)

In other news (isn't there always other news?), I decided I needed yet another break from the Coat (I'm halfway done with the back! Pictures later, I promise!) and thought that now was as good of a time as any to start on a prayer shawl. (Aren't I a good procrastinator?)

I've been meaning to do a prayer shawl for a while, but the cost of the yarn and the lack of a proper pattern left me sort of hanging. But when the flood hit our part of the state, including my LYS owner's house, a yarn company stepped in and shipped us odds and ends of some really beautiful yarn - cotton, mostly - to use for charity projects. I pulled some out of the basket and started on my new project.

I'm so happy with it so far - and very jealous of whoever receives it. But the great thing about this project will be giving it to someone.


Jenna said...

Congrats on the Set My Picot Free award. The snood is gorgeous.

I took a little break from the Philosopher's Coat too. I think all large projects probably beg for a break. I'll be starting back on it now that I've finished some smaller things. Are you going to keep working on yours too?

Not a Knitter said...

Yeah, I'm working on the Coat on and off. Generally whenever I go to my LYS, I bring the Coat because it gets some oohs and aaahs from all the knitting ladies, which makes me giggle. I'm halfway done with the back and have both sleeves done, so I'm really not to far from the end!

elocin said...

Hi Nicole, you’ve been tagged (please feel free to ignore, if you don’t like to play