Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Snooods galore

I got a bit tired of the coat. I'm still working on it - I finished the sleeves and am almost halfway done with the back - but lately I've needed little projects to keep me from getting bored.

Last night it was snoods. I made four of them. Yes, I understand that the average person doesn't usually sit around and crochet snoods while watching eight episodes of Torchwood (I wonder if many people crochet while watching Torchwood. It doesn't seem like a likely combo, but it works very well). But I was bored, and I'd uncovered my cotton from the last snood-making frenzy.

A trip to WalMart later, and I was back in business. I started making snoods last year when I was told that proper girls in my Medieval Society covered their hair. Snoods at Ren Faires tend to sell at around $15-20, machine made. I can get the cotton for about $1.50-2, beads for around the same, and my snood is quite a bit prettier than the ones at faire. At least, that's my opinion.

Snoods are easy, lacy, pretty, and take about an hour and a half. Plus they're fun, and there's an endless amount of options for combinations! :D

Okay fine, I'm insane.

(BTW, all my snoods are available on my Etsy Shop.)


Anonymous said...

If you're crazy then so am I. That snood is lovely.

Occult Mastermind said...

Another snood lover here, and I don't even wear them to Ren Faires (wrong culture), just in every day life.

NicKilty said...

I know at least two people who crochet to Torchwood, you're not alone!

Not a Knitter said...

Haha, good to know! :)