Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My current projects

Looking around, I begin to realize that I am one of those people who can't just do one thing - I have to do twenty, and I have to do them NOW. With crocheting, as well as writing, I move quickly from project to project, never able to focus on one for too long. I think I can blame this on my mom - she has more WIPs than me. (I would have more if I had the money for the yarn.)

That said, here are some of my current projects:

The Felted Bag (1)

Being bored at work generally means interesting things are brought up, and in this case it was my crocheting. I would never have thought it, but the girl I work with has "always wanted one of those felted bags." Lucky for her, felting bags is one of my favorite things to do (it's addictive, I swear). I quickly told her I could make her one, provided she could pay. Cha-ching, she said yes. She wanted pink and brown, so I picked out this pink Lopi and the brown bulky Cascade. I've done a lot of felting with Cascade 220 and love it, but the weight was wrong to match with the Lopi. (I would have gotten brown Lopi, but she only had one ball of it, and that would not have worked).

I loved crocheting this bag. I think I might make a few more for my etsy. The colors were fun and the yarn was awesome. I really love Lopi, even though it made a mess of the washing machine. Oh well - pink fuzz goes well with everything...right?

The Spinning

I've been guilty of spindle neglect lately. I joined Ten Minutes a Day on Ravelry, which is for spinners who promise to spin for at least ten minutes every day and have hardly spun since. I adore this roving. I bought it at the market at Knitter's Connection. I just don't have the patience to do it right now. Someday I'll finish it and then figure out what to make with it.

The Felted Bag (2)

Late one night, I had a deep urge. It had been a while since I'd felted a bag...and I needed to do it again. I needed to smell the wet-wool smell, to feel the gobs of sopping, felted fabric. Though there was a slight problem: I had no felting wool.

My mom, however, did, and she wanted to get rid of it. And thus this bag was created. It's for sale on my Etsy if you like it. I hope someone buys it before I accidentally use it as my own purse.

The Prayer Shawl

Just wanted to post the finished product!

And finally....

The Coat

I'm getting there. I have more than half of the back done, and I'm really hoping to finish that before the end of this week (cross your fingers for me). I really hope it all fits together. I'm vaguely worried about that...

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