Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Whew. An hour or so ago, my room was a pit...clothes everywhere, fabric strewn about, scarves piled in a corner, and yarn, yarn everywhere. I'm still amazed I didn't jab my foot with any pins...but maybe I shouldn't test my luck*knock on wood*.

In the past few months alone, I have amassed a fairly decent pile of yarn. Some of it was "acquired" from my mother, other is leftover from England, projects, and who knows what. And then there are the twenty balls that were given to me.

I keep my yarn in a plastic bin in the corner of my room. I bought the bin last summer so I could easily tote my crafty stuff (yarn and fabric, mostly) back and forth from school. Last summer, it was maybe halfway full. Now it's overflowing, and the yarn is attempting to kick the fabric out.

Granted, my yarn issue is nothing near what my mother's is, but she's been collecting for a lot longer than me, and she teaches at a yarn shop. I'm just her daughter.

But organization is needed when I'm trying to sell things online. So now I have all my etsy stuff sorted into ziplock bags with names on them so I know what I have. I have my yarn sorted out into ziplocks as well, except the large balls that aren't going to unravel into Giant Mess of Doom. I even have a nice bag full of fabric scraps, which may or may not come in handy. You never know.

I'm feeling much better about my yarn situation, though it might get a little crazy when I finish my Philosopher's Coat...I'm going to have a nice amount of Cascade 220 leftover to play with. And no, I'm not excited about that at all. *grins*

Now we get to see how long it'll stay organized...hopefully until I go back to school...then the yarn can start working on taking over that room. My poor roommate.

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